Minor blues chart

Minor blues is so much more expressive than the major one. It has more tension and pathos and it is ideal in order to compose intense melodic excerpts.

So as in major blues, it improvises on these structures just using chordal notes (the 1st ; the 3rd ; the 5th ; the 7th of the chord) and paying attention in varying the beginning and the end of the phrases (in different points in a-bar).

minor blues

minor blues chart
learn minor blues chords
minor blues structures
learn minor blues

Minor blues structure and mood

This blues structure is one of my favorite harmonic forms. It is very expressive and music becomes consequently deep.

Thousands famous songs are based on these chords. These are different chords sub substitutions being more complex in jazz standards but which tend to simplicity just with three chords in rock-blues, funky, dance music and pop. I love simplicity and I prefer few chords, so that I can concentrate better on melody and phrasing creativity in playing. Remember modal music is often based on very few chords (“So What” by Miles Davis has two ones only).

Major and minor blues chord variants

Learn by heart minor and major blues structure with their main variants to concentrate better on the improvisation. When I will speak about harmonic concept of chords’ substitutions, I will show you as vary the harmonic structures of songs and of the major and minor blues.

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