Blues jazz video to learn improvisation

In this piano video, I improvise with the right hand while with the left one I play a blues bass riff. There is only an E minor seventh chord. I often accent the upbeats, using the blues scale and chromatic passing notes. Sometimes I play chords with energy, to create a wanted conflicting and dissonant effect. This video, as all the others have been recorded and published without cutting anything, to show better the musical improvisation’s feeling, as natural as possible.

Considerations on this blues jazz video

blues piano

As you can notice, I improvise on just one chord: E minor seventh; but I make use of all twelve scale’s notes. Watch and listen as the dissonances, apart some errors, resolved on the chord’s notes. I basically use the blues scale in this improvisation with many chromatic passing notes.

Jazz piano albums and rhythm and blues songs

Fusion : rhythm and blues albumRhythm and blues album ‘Fusion’

You can listen my rhythm and blues song clips on this site and if you like them you can buy them on Itunes. This album contains Electric Piano Fender Rhodes solos on dance rhythms



Piano fragments : jazz piano album

Jazz piano album : ‘Piano fragments’
This is a totally improvised piano album I recorded on 2006.

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