Half diminished chords chart : structures and tonal function

It is also called minor 7th diminished 5 (b5) chord
( C m7/b5 )
This chord is on the :

  • VII degree in major scale
  • II in natural and harmonic minor scales (Most used)
  • VI and VII degree in the melodic minor scale.

In this page there are half diminished chords in all keys and in 4 inversions
Play these chords in the whole keyboard (More than an octave)

Play them with both hands (for pianists)

Arpeggiate the chords as shown in the video

half diminished chord

Half diminished chords chart : inversions

Watch this video to understand how to study half diminished chord inversions:

Here you can see how to arpeggiate half diminished seventh chords:

The half diminished or “minor seventh chord with diminished fifth” is above all in minor keys. In the major key the half diminished 7 chord is on the scale’s seventh degree but it is less used in this key context. It is just a dominant seventh chord’s substitution (on the fifth degree). In fact, in major key, the half diminished chord can be considered a dominant seventh chord with the ninth and with the third on bass.

  • Here is the half diminished chord chart

half diminished chords with inversions
learn half diminished chords chart

Learn every inversion of the half diminished chord

The half diminished chord has minor third, diminished fifth and minor seventh. It is different from diminished chord because it has minor seventh while dim 7th chord has diminished seventh. This chord is used as a II degree in minor key (Harmonic and natural) and dominant seventh chord follows it (V degree). II-V-I in A minor key: B min7b5 – E7b9 – Amin7.

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