Diminished 7 chord charts : structures

Diminished chord is on the :

  • VII degree of the harmonic minor scale

In this page there are diminished 7 chords in all keys and in 4 inversions

It is a chord with an ambiguous, indefinite, and vague sound. This sound ambiguity makes it a tune joker, because it may be considered in different ways. Now I explain. The diminished seventh chord is perfectly symmetrical: it is constituted only by minor thirds intervals. If you play an inversion of this chord you can realize the distance between the various notes remains unchanged. In other words, every diminished seventh chord inversion has only minor third intervals. For example, A diminished seventh chord can be considered also C, E flat (or D sharp) and G flat (or F sharp) diminished seventh chord.

Diminished 7 chord charts : inversions and tutorial videos

In this video you can see how to study diminished seventh chords

Here is how to arpeggiate diminished seventh chords

Every diminished seventh chord is equal (enharmonic) to other three chords: only the theoretical notes’ name, the key to which chord belongs and the fundamental bass note change. For example: C dim7 is
equal (enharmonic) to Eb dim7, Gb dim7 and A dim7. In other pages, I will tell you what theories and concepts derive from this ambiguity.

Here is the diminished 7 chord chart

diminished chord chart with inversions
learn diminished seventh chord chart

An improvisation’s secret is knowing every chord inversion on your instrument.

Modulations with diminished seventh chords

The diminished seventh chord is used often to modulate that is to change key. With this chord, you can practically go to any key that is you can modulate in every key. For example, if you want to modulate from C Major Key to F#min you can use E# dim7 or F dim7 and then add the tonic chord of the new key, that is F#min or F#min7

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