Music techniques : coming soon articles  

I really wish to write in a few months about the main subjects concerning music learning: theory, music harmony, improvisation, composition, harmonic analysis and excerpts melody, ear training, orchestration or songs arrangement. I hope to have enough time.

  • Other articles about piano and improvisation techniques
  • The left hand of the pianist
  • Melody harmonization with right hand (Piano technique)
  • Improvisation with perfect fourth techniques
  • Improvising by triads
  • Intervals
  • Analysis of solos
  • Lydian chromatic concept
  • Modal jazz
  • Main chordal progressions (Chord changes)
  • Main used forms
  • Improvisation tips

jazz blues

Other coming soon music techniques articles

In order to improvise properly, a musician must be complete. He has to get to know the right abilities in every field of music. Practicing with a own instrument is not sufficient. He must have a very developed and trained ear music-history culture, profound theoretical harmony knowledge.

  • Inside, outsid
  • “Free” improvisation
  • What you have to avoid
  • Improvisation goals

About other music techniques:

  • Composing
  • Ear training
  • Arranging
  • Music analysis

Learn to improvise online

I write all this because I like to teach, to help people in my own small way and I also like, by egotism, to show what I have so much to learn too. My dream was to have a perfect pitch that is learning to recognize notes and chords just by ear. I have been working many years to this aim and I obtained a 1000% ear improvement but, unfortunately, I was not able to have a perfect pitch a I regret a little. I have published other sites about music harmony and jazz piano too.

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