Major Seventh Music Chord Charts : Structures

This chord is built on the :

  • I and IV (#4) degree of the Major scale
  • III (#5) of the harmonic and melodic minor scale
  • III and VI (#4) degree of the natural minor scale

#4 =augmented 4th
#5 = augmented 5th

  • In this page there are major chords in all keys and in 4 inversions
  • Play these chords in the whole keyboard (More than an octave)
  • Play them with both hands
  • Arpeggiate the chords as I show in the videos

major seventh chords

Major 7 chord charts : inversions

Watch in this video how to study major seventh chords and their inversions

Here I explain how to play their arpeggios

Here is the major seventh chord chart. In this major seventh chord chart the chord is on the first degree of major scale (In the first staff there is an error in the key signature because F major key has Bb)


major seventh chord chart
learn major chords and inversions

PLAY them many, many times!
It is important because melody is built using chord’s notes.

Harmonic and perceptive considerations on major seventh chord

The major seventh chord gives to the listener a sense of spatial opening. It is in other words a solar, gladden and ample chord. It gives often a sense of rest, reassurance, and stasis, above all using simply the major triad. The major seventh note, instead, creates a strong movement of sonorous opening, creating in the music a light. This chord harmonically is above all a first degree in the major key, but sometimes a fourth degree in major key. You have to be much careful to distinguish if a major chord is an I or IV degree because base on this you have to change, obviously, the scale to use over it. For example, if there is F sharp in
the key signature and you have in your song a CMaj7 chord, it is IV and not I degree. Therefore you have to use the G major and NOT C major scale.

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