Blues funk live piano videos

I improvise with my piano by playing octaves with left hand on two chords: Em7 and A7. This is a bass much used in funk, blues, and dance music. I try above all to give the accents on upbeats and off beats with the right hand. Because here the harmony is simple, you need vary the melody with chromatic notes and rhythmic expedients.

blues piano improvisation

This playing technique is amusing and you succeed in expressing energy.

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The creativeness in improvisation has up and down moments. Therefore, it has a cyclic progression, with peaks of creativeness and expression alternated to creative stalemate moments. When the musician, above all because of the tiredness, has a smaller improvisational vein, recurs to his pure technique.

He makes use of his experience and plays phrases already studied or tested schemes. I believe a musician needs to vary his improvisation’s expressive direction: in some moments, he can express emotionalism, in other rhythm, in other pure technique in other melodic phrases, and so on. Listeners love variety in music improvisations.

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