Jazz pianist, pop rhythm and blues singer songwriter

Italian jazz pianist : Musilosophy lives in RomeMy albums are in digital distribution on many web stores. You can buy the mp3s of All Night Long, Fusion and Piano fragments
on Itunes and other online music stores.

Free resources on jazz improvisation and music harmony

I am building several web sites on which I explain the art of composing, improvising, music theory, piano techniques and other resources for musicians and students in general: aboutmusictheory.com and bluesjazzpiano.com for example. I love to teach and share what I know about music. My dream is to build web sites in which everyone in any country of the world can learn new musical techniques about improvisation, composing and other important music topics.

jazz improvisation, music harmony and theory online resources

Piano jazz, rhythm and blues and pop albums

pop soul blues album : All Night Long Pop soul rhythm and blues album : “All Night Long”
All Night Long is a collection of pop songs with rhythm and blues, soul and jazz contaminations.
rhythm and blues piano album : Moder Jazz Dance Dance rhythm and blues piano album” Fusion”
Fender Rhodes piano improvisations on dance, rhythm and blues rhythmic. Nu jazz concepts on modal harmony.
solo jazz album : Piano fragments Solo jazz piano improvisations: “Piano fragments”
Acoustic Piano fragmentss: totally improvised album.

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