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I know to know nothing” (Socrates)
Hello and welcome to this site about The Art of Improvisation.
I dedicate these pages to all musicians who love creating or composing in real time their own music.

I come from Italy, and I have some difficulties to write in English but my passion for Improvisation is great and I want to create a free Open Project about this Art. I prey you to help me to correct the errors of these pages sending me an email with the corrections.

If you have any opinion, technique, article, review, or other material about Improvisation, please send me an email and I will publish it.

miles davis king of improvisation
Miles Davis

Many teachers I have had and many manuals I have read about jazz improvisation do not explain clearly how to build a melody. The say just:

“Use this scale on this chord” or “On this chord you can play these scales”.

But how to improvise? How must I use these notes?
They respond: “Use your fantasy, your ear, your imagination and study many
Well! I agree. Fantasy, imagination and ear are fundamental to improvise but are general, confuse, not clear concepts.
Jazz has not invented melody and improvisation; good melodies have clear mathematical and geometric rules.
If you know these rules you improvise or compose music much better and easily.
They base on many centuries of music development and the greatest composers and improvisers use them.

learn jazz piano improvisation technique

How to learn piano improvisation techniques

Music is language but also a science. It can become also a religion, a way to feel emotions, express love, explore some unknown places of our soul and feel the mystery of Life and Universe.

Mastering improvisation needs several years of patient application.
Any door you open you find many other doors to open: you can always improve you art of improvisation.

jazz piano improvisation online techniques

Jazz theory and piano improvisation

Improvisation is the most expressive music form. Learning improvisation is not difficult if you understand what is wrong and what is right in music. Too much tension or too much rest is wrong in music. Good improvisations and great music are a balance or “harmony” between tensions and rests, dissonance and consonance. This is the real musical secret!

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