Website Dedicated to Music Improvisation and Theory – Sitemap

Singer songwriter and jazz pianist and improvisation resources– homepage.

Pop music videos– Contains three videos from the pop soul album All Night Long.

  • Pop blues jazz albums– Musilosophy’s discography. It contains three pop blues and piano music albums

Pop soul rhythm and blues album : ‘All Night Long’– A compilation of 10 pop blues songs with electric piano improvisations.

Dance rhythm and blues piano album’Fusion’– Blues, dance, funk, jazz album.

Solo jazz piano improvisations: ‘Piano fragments’– Contains acoustic piano songs. Remembering K. Jarrett teachings.

  • Jazz piano, tutorial videos- A tutorial jazz blues video collection to learn harmony and improvisation

jazz blues

Piano improvisation video on a blues bass riff, only on one chord

Pop piano video: improvisation on two major seventh chords

Improvisational piano video on a funk blues bass

Tutorial piano videos for learning improvisation and composing – Building melody technique

Jazz improvisation technique introduction

Jazz improvisation section summary– Main topics about music harmony and jazz improvisation

Music harmony concepts– Key concept, major and minor scale harmonization

Chord charts and keys– Contains every chord of major and minor scales in all keys

Learn chord families charts– Major, minor, dominant, half diminished and diminished seventh chords

Major seventh chord chart– Inversions and fundamental position of major 7 chord in all keys

Dominant seventh chord chart– Learning every inversion.

Minor seventh chord chart

Half diminished chord chart

Diminished 7 chord chart

Diminished, whole tone, pentatonic scales– Other important scales you can use above all on dominant seventh chord

Blues scales chart– Blues scales in each key

Learn blues chords– Main blues structures you can find in music

Major blues charts– It is the most used blues structure in music

Minor blues charts– A very expressive blues structure I like very much.

Melody and improvisation – How to compose or improvise a melody. Melodic rules and tips.

Imitation technique– A musical phrasing technique

Musical phrase– How to begin and to end a musical phrase

Mistakes and music theory– What is wrong in music

Music rhythm– Tips and suggestions to play your music and your improvisation with a great rhythmic feeling

Swing jazz rhythm– How to play this style

Polirhythms– A great technique to develop your rhythmic skill

Improvisation techniques

Musical techniques

Art of improvisation project

General improvisation tips

General music studying tips– Main topics to study about music harmony, jazz improvisation and ear training

    • Music stores– Where you can buy my piano, pop and blues music

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